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ezeBp blood pressure app

ezeBP is an easy to use blood pressure diary and trend analyzer. You can log your readings, view your statistics and export your data to share with your healthcare professional.


ezeCalc calculator app

ezeCalc is a fun calculator for Android! It’s simply designed to make your calculations quick and easy. It’s the perfect companion for everyday tasks like doing homework πŸ“š, shopping πŸ›’, balancing check-books πŸ—ƒ or even doing your taxes! πŸ—„


ezeCBT CBT Cognitive Behavioral Therapy app

ezeCBT is a thought diary and trend analyzer for Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). It can help you improve your life by catching. challenging and changing negative thinking, moods and behavior.


Installing the apps

You can download and install all our apps from Google Play. See the developer page for more information.

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